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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I'll be using my Surface for work and play. Utilizing Word, Excel, and my video collection I have accumulated over the past 8 years on XBOX Live.


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Primarily for work. Would be awesome to have a notebook replacement and be able to get real work done (MSoffice) while on the manufacturing floor.


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As my son just broke the screen on his old and heavy laptop, this will make the perfect replacement for his last year in college. He doesn't need the ability to run legacy applications, Windows Store apps will give him everything he needs as a student.


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I'm planning to use the Surface mainly for entertainment (movies, games, net surfing, etc.), writing my college papers, and coding my starter website on-the-go. Word and Notepad for the win! :in love:


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I use the Surface primarily for work, doing research and literature reviews. I also have continuing education programs online, and the Surface is the ideal tool for this activity. Every day I encounter a new area of functionality of this machine that I didn't expect- I am having a fun time exploring its capabilities.
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