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Gonna Show Off My Surface


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Flying from West Palm Beach to Fayetteville NC in March. I'm gonna make sure I get as many people on the plane to see the Surface in action. I've taken my Surface to work a couple of times and even my iPad Fanboy friends think it is nice. Beware traveling public........"Resistance is futile..... you will be assimilated":yelling:
I've had the same experience using my Surface in public. Every single time I do, I get people asking about it. I've even had a few recognize it from the television ads.
I'm not surprised at the reaction you are getting. Microsoft has done an excellent job with the design. I'm still loving the looks, from when I saw photos of the original announcement to finally seeing one in person. The colored touch covers really complete the look; I'm considering one in blue.
I get a lot of attention when I take mine to class, just like when I first got my original Asus Transformer and took it to class. People were and still are mind blown.