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Got a used SP2 from Gazelle, interesting...


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Got a 256Gb SP2 from Gazelle and noted a couple of odd thing.

1. The security keys weren't set right, got the red screen startup. easy to fix, just wonder why they did it that way.
2. Drive C showed at 200Gb so I ran the Disk Management tool to see how things were setup. It showed a contiguous 32Gb of unallocated space, so I stretched the C drive to use all of that too. I wonder why the partitioning was set that way.

It came with 8.1 installed, is it possible that the early ones were 8.0 and the 8.1 image is different??

Other than those two things, it was like getting a brand new SP2 256Gb brand new. Looks new, acts new, came with power supply and pen. I already had a Type Cover from my SP1 days so I ensured I got one that had the pen and power supply.


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It probably went to Gazelle because the previous owner messed up and couldn't figure out what he/she did wrong. ;);)


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I hadn't thought of that! I know it is obviously little used which tickles me pink!! :)

Now I just have to figure out why I need a SP2 to go with the SP3, to go with the Yoga 2 Pro, to go with the HP AIO! :)

Too much tech, not enough time!! Maybe I'll throw W10TP on it. Well, right after I get the ISO for a reload from MS. I learned that lesson a long time ago.