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Bought SP2 from Best Buy...which warranty should I get


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We bought 3 SP2's from Best Buy after having them on order with CDWG for MONTHS. Originally we were going to buy them with the MS warranty but since we got them from BB we are now wondering if we should get the BB warranty.
1) Can we still get the BB Warranty...we just just got them last week?
2) We don't have any MS "Stores" close so it would be a ship back for repair if we had a problem.
3) Do the BB warranties cover the same things as the MS warranty?

Thanks for any input.


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What does the Best Buy warranty include? How much does it cost? Personally, I wound up getting my SP2 at Best Buy but called the Microsoft Store and purchased a warranty.


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I don't know about the BB warranty but the MS extends the year warranty out to two. It also allow for 2 no questions asked replacements for $50 each during those 2 years. I would highly doubt the BB warranty would offer replacements, but I have no idea. I purchased the MS warranty for mine. This is the first time in my life that I've ever purchased one of these, but I plan on keeping this for a while. I figured minimally after 2 years I'd get a replacement to get a fresh battery or even get a fresh one prior to resale if I were ever to go that route. Who knows what's going to be out in 2 years!!