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Got my External monitors setup! And... the scaling is all kinds of WHAT.


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I guess this is to be expected. I hadn't thought about it.

On the Surface Pro 2 tablet, the scaling of text and icons and everything has changed so that even at the tiny size, everything is readable. Okay, cool.

Except, that size and scaling is duplicated when I connect to external monitors. It actually hurts my eyes a bit because things aren't as sharp as they would be otherwise.

Is it possible to have one scaling on one display, and another scaling on another display? Or has anyone encountered this and found a fix?

It's weird enough that when I open internet explorer, the tabs are HUGE.

EDIT: Okay. Did more research. The Display settings have an option to "Scale All Displays" where it'll force every display of every different resolution to match, so visually, applications look more similar in size. Doing this, and setting to 100% fixed the external monitors, although now the resolution on the Surface itself is very fine, almost too small.
I wouldn't mind swapping back and forth between different settings depending on when I'm at home with the monitors or out and about with just the Surface, but the display setting requires logging out and in, kind of annoying, exits all of your applications...
Any ideas on a good middle ground is appreciated.
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Hi ohioDroid (wrote it just for the sound of it...)
I haven't done any research on that, but I never had this problem. I always select "expand this display" (or something to that effect - I only see my German user interface). That usually selects two different settings that fit to the individual displays. You can then make the external monitor your primary device in the same dialog, so everything starts there by default. Windows will remember that as soon as you get home and connect to the external monitor. You might give it a try.