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Dual Monitor Setup


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I received my two new Dell UltraSharp 24" ( U2414H ) monitors today. I ordered these monitors because they are designed to use in a display port daisy chain arrangement. So I set them up as following, plugged micro-display port into the Surface Pro 2 dock then plugged the other end of the cable with the full sized display port into the display port ( IN ) port on monitor one ( 1 ) and then plugged another display port cable into monitor one ( 1 ) display port ( OUT ) then into monitor two ( 2 ) display port ( IN ). Both monitors display beautifully, but not as I was expecting.

I feel like I am missing something here but don't know where to start. I was expecting the display settings in control panel to show three ( 3 ) displays, the Surface Pro 2 display and the 2 Dell external displays. But what I am seeing is the Surface Pro 2 display and the 2 Dell U2414H monitors as a single display. What I wanted to do duplicate the start screen on the first Dell U241H monitor and then extend the desktop to the second Dell U2414H monitor. But I can not see how to make this all work. Has anyone daisy chained 2 external monitors like this and if so how did you get them setup correctly?

Did you right-click on the desktop, click "Screen Resolution", and see the monitors mapped on the screen? There is a setting to "extend these monitors" or something like that to send different images to different monitors.
Here is an update that I have discovered. On these U2414H monitors the display ports default to DP 1.1a and you have to enable DP 1.2 to get the additional functionality. Which does allow me to use the two Dell monitors as I wanted. That is Windows 8.1 Start screen on monitor 1 and the desktop extended to monitor 2. But with that all working the Surface Pro 2 display is now disabled and black until you undock the tablet. I guess I give up for tonight, I am frustrated and tired working with this issue. Will see if anyone else has any recommendations.
The Maximum Resolution for the Surface Pro 2 is 3849x2160 IIRC, so that would explain why the 10.6 screen gets shut down...