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Got my new Surface Book

Right now my new 16GB/512GM/i7 Surface Book is downloading software updates. I purchased it at Best Buy (the Microsoft store was out and they couldn't tell me whether any other MS store had it in stock, but the local Best Buy which was sold out told me where I could buy it). I turned it on and had the user login problem mentioned here many times - a hard reset (holding the Power button down for 30 seconds and then restarting) brought me to the correct Windows device startup screen.

As for why I purchased it, there are basically three reasons:

1. I bought my previous Dell laptop with i5 and 4 GB of RAM when that was a hefty enough configuration for most business applications but very soon it was not enough - for years I've been experiencing RAM time-outs when the computer is completely non-responsive while memory is being swapped out to disk, and it gets worse every time I upgrade the OS and add and upgrade software programs. I decided the next computer I get will have enough CPU and RAM to hopefully get me through at least a few years of comfortable computing.

2. From what I could see 16 GB RAM, i7 and a large SSD is going to cost lots of money regardless of which brand or model laptop I buy, IF it's even available. For example the very nice HP Spectre X360 is not available with 16GB of RAM which ruled it out for me. Throw in a very high resolution screen and there don't seem to be too many solutions that are that much cheaper than the Surface Book except for perhaps the Surface Pro 4, and as for that ...

3. I know other people love theirs but I realized I just can't type for extended periods of time on the Surface Pro type cover, even the newer, much nicer one. I would have to buy an external keyboard and mouse and probably an external monitor which would bump up the Surface Pro 4 price a bit. And I could use all these at the home office but when I go on client sites for extended periods of time I might not be able to have all that available - I'd be back to using the type cover.

So I'm now the proud and happy owner of a Surface Book, which is just a physically beautiful device. Best Buy gives me until January 15th to return it if it doesn't work out. I'll let everyone know how it works out!

And thanks so much for everyone's help and guidance in this forum!


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This weekend I made the decision to sell my SP3 and buy a second Surface Book. Still love the SP3, but am upgrading.
My Surface Book i7/16/512 has proven itself after six weeks of intense use. Now I am adding a Surface i7/16/1TB. I will keep one at home and one at my office, rather than travel daily with it.

I still use a MacBook Pro Retina 15", and support forums regarding the same. Still like Apple.
But now, Microsoft has proven itself with business and personal multimedia sufficient to make me expand my Windows.

Jesse Segovia

Will you sync any data between your two devices and if so how? One Drive? I'm installing all my Office 365 apps right now.

I'm hoping I can soon dump my old laptop with all its business, movie and music editing software as well as all my media, and also dump my iPad with all my business and fun apps, media, etc., in favor of the SB. Hardware-wise it's an amazing device. I've been using business-grade laptops since my Toshiba Satellite in 1994 and I have never been as excited by a business laptop or device as I have now. I'm hoping the reliability and the software side match up with the hardware!

But I'm not dumping anything or buying any accessories until I'm 100% sure I'm keeping it.