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Great list of games the run on the Surface pro


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That's awesome. I've been trying to find a list of touch-optimized games. So far the only thing i've come across is Civ5.
BTW, my 128Pro JUST arrived today so i'm excited to test this thing out! :) :) :)


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As my Surface Pro is my first PC in 5-6 years I'm looking at all the games from the past decade and being able to plug in an Xbox controller. Just spent the morning getting Street Fighter 4 to run, turns out you need to install DirectX from Microsoft and it plays best in Windowed mode. Full Screen, 800x600 and maybe 1024x768 is playable.

Also downloaded the Dreamcast collection and Space Channel 5 plays fine.

I love being able to plug in the Xbox controller. Tried gaming with touchscreen controls and it's a waste. Some games make sense with touch like Wordament but on screen control pads are horrible.


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Are there any programs which can be used to emulate a mouse with just the touch screen? I would love to be able to play many games which should be touch compatible, but aren't, like Back to the Future. Not sure if this has been asked already, but I couldn't find it if so.


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Just to add to this list, and confirm some of the games from the reddit link, I can say that Just Cause 2 runs surprisingly well on the Pro. As does another favourite in my office, Virtua Tennis 4. Also this Youtube channel has a great series of videos of games running on the Pro. SurfaceProGaming - YouTube


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batman arkam city runs great atfull resolution and medium graphics. looks and plays amazing on the pro. no lag at all

also the new Castlevania game.
Kayne and Lynchn 2
Sine mora
F.E.A.R 2
Trine 2
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let me add that yesterday I installed a great game that was on sale on steam. the company 2K is having a huge sale that ends today. I bought the game called The Darkness 2. it plays very well on my pro. I can even run it at full 1080P resolution with graphic textures on high with no issues. with my xbox controller, im doing some serious quality gaming on my pro. of course when I do game, I always have it in high performance mode. the pro is no slouch and its also a very capable gaming machine. don't sleep on it. I have the games installed to prove it. a lot of them being newly released ones like Outlast and they all have great very detailed graphics.


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They made a second one!? I never got on with the original The Darkness game tbh... damn hard though, if you like a challenge.