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Great scrolling option in chrome. Hand Tool.

I love using the pen and and always use it. Its simple enough to have precision with the pen then scroll with your finger but if like me you don't like switching just to scroll then i found an awesome option. Its an extension right in the chrome web app store, just add the extension and enable and all you have to do is hold the right click button on the pen and use it to scroll any direction in chrome. Also it doesn't interfere with normal right click functionality. It is called Hand Tool
hand tool.jpg


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Excellent tip. One thing I always liked about the Galaxy Note stylus was that you could use it to scroll. Now I have that back :)

Doesn't work on all web pages, but on many.


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It should work on all pages, at least it says. But just like with a mouse wheel you need to make sure the pen tip isnt trying to scroll over boxes embeded in the webpage with their own scroll bar,


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Well clearly the biggest advantage here is it means you basically NEVER have to touch your screen which helps A LOT to cut down on smudges.