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Greetings from Cold Alberta


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Greetings All,

New Surface Pro 2 owner.

Been hovering around the forums for a while, not really one to join in and chat. I’m an “Oh that’s cool, glad I read that”, rather than “lets post to inform people of this”. But I wanted to join, say hi and thank you all for the valuable information I have received from this site.

My Job involves me Managing/Maintaining/Repairing/Configuring all Computers/Servers/Cisco Switches/Phones (basically ANYTHING with an IP) in a Remote SAGD Site in Northern Alberta

My new device is used for –

Cisco Switch Configuration: USB –> Serial Cable –> Console Cable
Cisco Phone Management:
SCCM Management:
Citrix Access: Which gives me CORP Domain Access – Can RDP into any PC/LPT on the CORP Domain from anywhere in my Yukon:
Outlook 2013 with Lync 2013 integration: Use Lync on numerous occasions to Share/Control Screen and repair SW faults:
Social Media stuffs of course: Skype to ring the Wife and Kids as I spend half the month on site.
Xbox integration: I am an IT geek after all.
Netflix – News – Sports

I was hesitant at first with replacing my Company supplied Dell business Laptop, but gee and I glad I did. The Surface Pro is all I can ever expect my Dell laptop to do and more. Battery life WHILE performing all the above things is 8-10hrs a day. I KID YOU NOT. Very rarely do I require the power outlet in my truck.
The only gripe I have: it was -15 today at Site, and my fingers were veery cold. Typing on the touch cover wasn’t the easiest thing to do as I had no feeling in my fingertips. Once I get back to YYC I’m getting me a Type Cover to rectify this issue. That being said, the touch cover (when you have sensation in your fingertips) is awesome, I really do love it.

Device Deets – Surface Pro 2 128GB. I was going to splash out and get the 256, but tbh it’s not needed. I can do all the above at the same time with 4GB and ZERO lag or slowdown. The device was never intended to game on (I have an Alienware/Xbox) it was intended to be my new workhorse. It does this very well indeed.

Very happy Microsoft customer.

Thanks, and if anyone wants to know how the above stuff I do works, just comment and I share my knowledge.
Oh I have also used BackTrack and Kali Linux on it :D > Very Very Very Cool!



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Thank you very much,

I'm going to get me a Surface 2 once I get home. I hear this compliments it awesomely.