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Greetings from Luxembourg


Greetings, All, from a newbie in Luxembourg (western Europe).

Thought I'd join up here as I intend getting a Surface Pro when they are released in Europe.
So, if there are any others on here in western Europe maybe you'll know how and where to get one, as there are no MS Stores in Continental Europe that I know of.

Welcome to the forum John.
At the moment, there's no known/rumored release date for the pro in the EU. Furthermore i'm expecting a separated launch, like with the rt, so Countries like FR/DE/UK are likely to get it first. Since the warranty is eu-wide, the best option should be waiting for this launch and getting it from the ms-online store.
Thank you, Mr.NK.
I have seen several reports on the internet that says it is to be released in Europe on 14th February.
Isn't the ms-online store for this part of the world in the UK?
Don't want a power supply with a UK plug on it!
Welcome to the forum. I believe the RT came with a changeable adapter for Europe. This may not even be necessary for the Pro since the power supply is in two pieces (laptop style) and you should just be able to get whichever tail you need.
Previous European posters say Germany is the best place to purchase. Welcome to the forums!
My surface was delivered from NL. The plug for the RT was changeable and you can switch to any cord with a c7-connector. Since LUX and DE seem to share the same connector type, the best way would be ordering via ms-online store in Germany, so you'l get the right plug from start.
I somehow doubt the 14th of February as a release date, because there would have been more advertising and less logistic problems in US/CN.
Ah, my mistake!

It's the RT that has been released in several European countries now.

I won't be buying one! I'm waiting for the 128gb PRO.