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Hackintosh status?


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The only thread I saw on OSX on the Pro was from the initial Pro release and nothing after. I am wondering if anyone has seen any updates regarding it's compatibility with the Pro?

It seems like the Pro would be the perfect candidate for a optimized Hackintosh build. If I remember correctly (I've only ever installed it on one laptop in the past) the major thing holding it back was the lack of driver support. Since the Pro is one of the first major unified Windows hardware releases it seems like it would be a worthwhile endeavor to make a compatible OSX build for it.

The Pro is a bit lacking in hdd space, but for those of us with the 128gb model it would be kind of cool for a dual boot platform. Also, it would be a nice added bonus to rub it in to Apple MacBook and IPad fanboys :p


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Well officially Apple's OSes aren't available on other platforms so that is problem #1 with seeing people do this. It is a clever little gimmick but not much more. Problem #2 is that OSX is not designed for touch. It would be pretty silly to put this on a touch tablet device. Problem #3 is going to be drivers as you mentioned. Because of problem #1 Apple isn't going to create drivers for non-Apple hardware. Problem #4 is you are assuming this would somehow offend Apple fan boys. Honestly if I were an Apple fan boy I would laugh at you and rub it in your face that Windows is so bad you had to resort to putting OSX on Microsoft's reference device and you should have just bought a MacBook and and iPad (double edged sword situation) ;)

There might be valid reasons for dual booting OSX though. Maybe you do all your work in Garage band or iMovie for example and you want only one device. Maybe you just like OSX. If you want to do it then go for it but I wouldn't expect a lot of support or enthusiasm from the majority of people. Do what works for you because you want to but understand the limitations and don't worry about the rest :)



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There are many Mac folks who have been clamoring for an Apple tablet for years. Just look at the drive for the Modbook (made by Axiotron). So I would agree that OSX isn't designed for touch but that doesn't mean you can't use it for touch...and especially a stylus.

OP, I think you're best asking over in the Hackintosh forums as I think most here are Windows users. Good luck! Let us know if there are any developments!


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Hey Guys! If anyone is still interested in getting OSX in a Surface pro or a Pro 2 there's a project being held by My friend Jake in here [video=youtube_share;Z-S5031xz2U]http://youtu.be/Z-S5031xz2U[/video] where he's raising some $ to get a pro 2 and explain the process to do it as he did on the original pro in here: [video=youtube_share;Pje-RZV1fBE]http://youtu.be/Pje-RZV1fBE[/video] you can find the link in the description of the 1st one to spare some cash if you can (I've already helped a bit) so it can be done and posted as a detailed guide. Also you might find it useful if you have an original MS pro and want to get osx on it. I hope you can check it out so it can be done. Cheers folks!! :)


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it's so funny how no one ever wants to put windows on a mac machine cuzz we're quite happy/content with our Windows, but you have people wanting to put apple on windows machine, is it because windows machines work better? and Windows users are less obsessed and insecure like apple fanboys LOL