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Good Surface Pro 3 pen information (Live Chat)


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Chat start time Mar 10, 2015 4:56:37 PM EST
Chat end time Mar 10, 2015 6:28:57 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:32:20
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You are now chatting with 'Charm'.
Charm: Hello, George!
Charm: Thank you for contacting Microsoft Surface Support. This is Charm. How are you today?
George: I'm doing great. Just had some issues with my recently purchased Surface pro 3
Charm: It's nice to know that you're doing good despite of having issues with your Surface.
Charm: Nice to meet you! :)
George: Hanging in there. Have any info on my questions?
Charm: Let me do some research for you about this one.
Charm: Can you stay on chat with me please?
George: Ok thank you, this is a deal breaker for me. Sure
Charm: When you say that you purchased the VGP-STD2, do you mean you're using that pen on the Surface Pro3?
George: I have purchased it (currently on the way through amazon). And yes I will be using it on the surface pro 3
Charm: I see. Is this because the Surface Pro 3 pen that came with the device isn't good enough? I'm so sorry if I tend to ask a lot of questions. I just want to get a better understanding of the issue so that we can fix it.
Charm: Are you still with me, George?
George: No problem fire away. I just want to get this resolved. The pen is very nice, but the IAF is unbearable when drawing not being able to use lighter strokes. Also the cursor hover lag is very distracting. I got around that by upgrading to windows 10 preview it had the option to disable this feature. The OS was pretty buggy so I did a factor reset to the original 8.1. Also I have installed all the latest updates and what have you ( I do that religiously lol).
George: I'm here
Charm: That's good to know. We have sent out specific improvements for our pen very recently. I guess you already have that since you religiously install updates (which is good). If the function still doesn't work at your convenience, I guess that's the reason why you want to use the VGP pen, right?
George: Correct. Alright I guess is see. I will have to try other N-trig pens out for the best results then. Is the IAF something that can be fixed or is it the hardware that is the problem?
Charm: so far the VGP pen, as reported by our other customers is a better pen to be used especially for artists like you. As to your questions, we continously send out updates for constant improvement on our pen.
Charm: On October, we released a driver for our pen for additional configuration. Same as on November and just recently, this March, we released a new update for the pen which is included on the System Firmware Update-3/10/2015.
George: Great to hear. Glad I could get an honest answer, you guys are great. Have any Idea if trade ins will be possible when surface pro 4 is launched?
George: Exactly what I wanted to hear by the way thanks
George: Would be nice to know the IAF difference though
Charm: I'm sure that you have nothing to worry about as these feedback are highly regarded here in Microsoft. Feedbacks like these are where we get our improvements from. For the meantime, if the update we have isn't enough, you can download the NTrig drivers. We received responses that they do the trick.
George: Alright Charm thank you!
Charm: As for the IAF difference, let me look further into those details.
George: Tell your manager you were a great help, thanks
George: Ok cool
George: I'll be waiting
Cate: Hi George! I see here that you have been having a really good conversation with Charm. =)
George: Yes Charm has been allot of help
George: :)
Cate: Im Cate, by the way. Charm's manager. You deserve nothing but the best experience from Microsoft and I'm so glad that we were able to accomplish that.
Cate: Regarding what you were asking her about, that is actually correct. Now that you already have me on chat. I'll make sure that we will have this forwarded for a more immediate action to be done.
George: Great, thanks. So just to be sure you are referring to the IAF being better on the VGP?
George: And if so can you go into detail at all?
George: grams of pressure maybe
Cate: Actually, since the Pro 3 is our best bet, our priority is to enhance it for your efficiency.
Cate: When it comes into details, we can look into that George. Are we still connected?
George: I am connected still, that would be great
George: Also is there a way to disable the hover feature. It lags behind as you probably know, even if it was in sync I am more accurate without
George: I tried looking for options to improve performance in registry settings for pen and it was limited
Cate: I see. It seems like you have gone through all the troubleshooting and even getting into the registry itself. When it comes to the lag feature, are you having that issue with the Pro 3 pen or the VGP pen?
George: Surface Pro 3 pen, I have not received my VGP pen yet
Cate: I see. Sorry about that. I missed your talk with Charm that you dont have the VGP pen yet. So far, we have received feedback (mostly from artists) that the pro 3 pen lacks pressure level or high IAF. We run into a conclusion that it has limited compatibility with the N-Trig's Wintab driver.
Cate: By the way, have you tested the Surface Hub already?
George: Very interesting, so the capability of having a lower IAF is there, but is no supported yet is what youa re saying. I have used it and found it to be quite limiting
George: might be useful for OneNote, but for everything else I find myself disabling allot of those features when I draw. Would be nice if they would only activate per using a certain app (OneNote) since lots of programs have those settings built into brushes and such
Cate: Back in 2014, we planned to release a Control Panel setting where more functions will become available. That's when we came up with the Surface Hub. It seems like you are doing high-end art on your Pro 3, huh? =)
George: I try lol I am using Manga Studio which has allot of capability
George: Manga Studio 5 EX
Cate: I get you. Actually, it is very enlightening to hear such feedback directly from our customers. You got us on this. If our updates aren't enough, trust that we will make things better. Microsoft never stops innovating especially now that artists being considered as our market's priority.
Cate: Manga? Aren't those magazines? =)
George: No problem I do what I can. Yes, it's much more efficient to draw digitally with the quality and organizing that can be utilized. Manga is pretty much Anime in Comic form lol it's fun, but very challenging.
Cate: Are you still with me, George?
George: Are there going to be any future replacement nibs?
George: Because I had to carve a sharper point to be honest even though it doesn't change accuracy as far as being registered
Cate: You must be an amazing artist then. =) For replacement nibs, we can even send you 1 complete set right now. That's 3 nibs. I'll have Charm send one out right away. Just in case you get yours worn out.
George: Oh that would be great, thanks!
Cate: Aaaah.. I see. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to actually control your drawings. I stopped drawing on tablets back when we only have capacitive pens. But I guess with the technology we are having now, I can get back into drawing, myself.
Cate: She's on it now. May we have the address on where we can send this?
George: Go for it! It's a good time waster haha brings out our creative side. My address is Edited out address.
Cate: Will surely do, George. We will definitely update you if we get an update for a future release on these pen.
Cate: Here's the Order number, George. Its xxxxxxxxx. The nibs will get to you in 6-8 business days. (I hope your pen tip isn't worn out yet by that time.)
George: Awesome you guys are the best, great services never change
Cate: We value our customers so dearly and without you, Microsoft wouldn't be Microsoft. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being our ever-loyal customer.
George: I think it should be fine until then thanks, that seems to be all I needed. Good information
Cate: We are just returning the favor, George. =) It has been my pleasure talking to you. Hope to talk to you again in the future.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to edited out mail at the end of your chat.
George: Good day!
Cate: You have a good day too.
Cate: Thank you for contacting Surface Support. <br> To end your chat please click the "Close chat" button near the top of the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect please feel free to contact us again. Thanks again and have a great day!
George: This information might be useful on the Surface pro forums
George: Bye bye
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I thought I saw something strange. The forum has a policy against duplicate threads. The other one has been removed.

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