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Happy New Year from white Bavaria


In this forum I red many helpful and interesting articles.
Therefore I wish all of you a happy New Year.

My wish for 2015:
a 7’’-WIN10-phablet with GPS and …, which works fine together with my SP3


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Happy New Year or Frohes neues Jahr! :)

I was watching Australia's new year a few hours ago, hopefully it was safe and enjoyable in Bavaria as well!


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Happy New Year.

What, where is White Bavaria? Is it the Neuschwanstein Castle or a geographical region? Google is no help here :)


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Happy new year from Hamburg... this is my second post here in 2015 :)
My SP3 has been VERY helpful in this Hamburg trip. First of all, the USB port provides power even in standby, handy for charging my (as well as my friend's) phone. Then the speakers are rather loud and good for a tablet, making it a great portable music blaster. The ability to play music in standby also helps to preserve the battery. Finally, the screen can get sufficiently bright to be usable outdoor, and very dim to not killing my eyes now, when everybody else is sleeping.

One more thing, the USB port of the charger really helps when you have limited wall plugs, as I can still charge my SP3 while letting my friends charge their phones from the USB port, and SP3's USB port as well. You can even charge another tablet (slowly) from the SP3...