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Hi all and Happy New Year to everyone.
I have a question regarding flash embedded websites. I understand and respect the security reasons for the White List system used in RT and am aware of the registry modification method to add unlisted sites, but I seem to keep bumping into sites that will not display on my Surface. The most recent is my local newspaper's digital edition. My question is, does anyone know of an ap that will allow the esay modification of the registry to add sites?
You don't need to modify the registry, just a text file. Might be able to make a script to streamline the text edit to cut down a few steps. I have a shortcut to the iecompatdata.xml file saved on my desktop, so I don't have to dig for it.
Thanks, I knew I saw something like that. I've been meaning to play around a bit with PowerShell, since I can't install PERL on the Surface. PERL has been my savor so many time, since I'm lazy and despise repetitive tasks. I like to figure how to do something and then write a script for it.