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Any Happy SP3 users?

What about that New York Times Puzzle App that was demoed during the SP3 event? Has it surfaced (hah hah) anywhere? I can't find it in the store. Of course right now all I have is a Surface RT.


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Well, I took it out for work today! And, I must say, it performed very well.

Worked in the outdoors today with the SP3. Handwritten notes, quick look ups for information, email etc. while being connected to the local WIFI network, manipulating Office documents, more handwritten notes...etc. All this, mind you, is taking place with us sitting on the grass, under the protective shade of a clump of trees and under a sky where the sun played hide-n-seek behind the clouds and which was aired by a brisk summer breeze!

And, yes, the SP3 performed brilliantly. Did not heat up (though I would not have been able to hear the fans if they had come on), did not lose its WIFI connection, pen worked fine in conjunction with OneNote and with DrawBoard PDF (handwriting notes to text etc.).

One important issue though - there is too much screen glare and if you are forced to consistently work outdoors, then you are going to have to turn up the brightness of the screen and burn your battery.

Edit: Btw, I am running the i5 4GB, 128GB everything updated version - everything just as it was out of the box in terms of system settings.
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I always wanted more kickstand angles, a slightly larger screen, and a lighter device with my Surface Pro 2. All of my demands were met with the Surface Pro 3. As much as I like my Surface Pro 2, I'm enjoying the Pro 3 more and more each day. Glad I purchased it.


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With great anticipation I turned on the Surface Pro 3 today and saw that a "Critical Update" was ready to be applied. "Viola!", I thought, Microsoft has fixed the critical wireless connectivity fiasco plaguing the device and making it a paperweight! What to my chagrin, it was a critical update to the English Dictionary. I wonder what word was misspelled: "Quallity" maybe?
I've been using a slate PC since the ASUS EP121. I knew right away it had the perfect screen size to replace my stolen laptop. But as a scientist I couldn't read papers in portrait mode. Superscript and subscript were unreadable. But as much as I loved the PC I couldn't keep using it. 1st gen i5, terrible battery life, wireless keyboard and ridiculously thick folio case. Then came the Samsung 700T, good screen size, terrible screen, annoying laptop, bad, but not horrible battery life. Really the screen was terrible. SP2 for 9 months, and then the SP3. It was everything I had realized I needed the ASUS EP121 to be.

In short, it is the perfect hybrid.


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Old thread but new owner and I will say from a long time Mac user, this device is amazing. Much better than the yoga 2 Pro which I had for a few days, the thing had 8GB of ram and still can't keep up with my 4gb SP3. I love my new machine and will absolutely buy SP4 when it drops!


Couldn't be more happy with mine (i5/256gb). Came from a SP1, which I loved. Now playing with W10 on it.


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After 4 returns and upgrading to the I7/256, then installing Windows 10, I am extremely happy with my SP3


I will throw in my report here and say that i am very happy and satisfied with my choice of laptop/tablet thingy. The Surface Pro 3 has been wonderful for me as a photographer, videoeditor and CGI artist.

It's so compact, light, portable and powerful - i can't help but loving it!

/ Magnus