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Hardware Incompatibility


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Family Tree Maker claims that the MS Surface Pro 128 is not a legitimate windows 8 computer and therefore their software will not run on it.

Has anyone run into such claims by software vendors? Is there any legitimacy to the claim. I bought the Surface Pro for the sole purpose of being able to run ANY Windows 8 compatible software and I can't. A new version of FTM which is claimed to be Windows 8 compatible will not load even when setting to run in various compatibility modes.

Any thought would be appreciated.


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Possible, specially if they're using very old APIs, such as .Net 1 or 2. But there is a compatibility mode in Windows 8 that may get it to work. And please bear in mind that it is not isolated to Surface Pro, but anything Windows 8 for that matter. And having a statement like that from the vendor, doe not give me confidence.