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Surface 3 USB Hub Compatibility


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I've seen USB hubs that are basically blocks that attach to the side of various Surface models which are often meant for specific models (I think in this case Pro 3 and/or Pro 4) which also claim to fit the Surface 3 (Non Pro) but might, for instance, block the charging port. Many of these type of hubs have a Mini DP plug, as well as the obvious USB plug, and the spacing of the plugs appears to be consistent between several models.

Does anyone know if there's a resource online to say which Surface models have interchangeable adapters??? Obviously the newer models use USB C and aren't compatible. But can someone at least reply and say which Surface devices (if any) have the exact USB and Mini DP spacing/orientation configuration as the Surface 3 and thus have interchangeable adapters?

Several adapter sellers online claim their device is compatible with several generations of Surface, but I've never been able to find anything online that makes me confident that the spacing of the USB and Mini DP is purposely specified to allow such compatibility. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated...