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Has anyone got it working with Asus Miracast Dongle?


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Hi, I've picked up one of the Asus dongle, but I am unable to get it working. My surface 2 Pro discovers it, and it initiates the pairing just fine, but the pairing code is only available for a split second, so I am unable to complete the pairing process.

I Guess this is the wrongpart of the forum, but anyways. this dongle only works with Nexus 7 and some Asus android products, so do not buy it.
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How does this fix up to a monitor, isn't it some weird USB type?

Anyway, as regards to your problem, are you sure it's not a case of holding to pair or something? What I mean is when I was trying to pair my bluetooth mouse, I'd press the button, it'll appear on my Surface then I'd click it, it'd fail and disappear. I Google'd it, and found out you have to hold the pairing button for 5 seconds first, annoying but a simple 'press' won't work.