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Has anyone tried any old Point and Click adventure games on Surface Pro?


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I'd like to know if they work on W8. I'm still waiting for my Surface Pro (should be coming in the next few days)
I'll be posting results for the following games:

Blade Runner
Gabriel Knight 2 and 3
Dreamfall (Also Longest Journey if I can find my old discs)

One other program I'll be testing is Manga Studio Debut 4. I'm hoping it'll work decently with the stylus!


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Blade Runner - Works great. Needed to find a new installer online though, straight from disc didn't work
Gabriel Knight 2 - With installer works great
Gabriel Knight 3 - Limited success so far. With installer that claims to make it where you no longer need the discs, it STILL needs disc in drive. Haven't had luck playing fullscreen. Worked in windowed mode.
Dreamfall and Longest Journey - Too lazy to find my discs so bought on Steam. Both work great
Omikron Nomad Soul - It'll install but graphics are too messed up to be playable.


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One more note, some of these games originally didn't work because the screen would display the top left corner only. I had to go to screen settings in windows and change default magnification (150%) to 125%.
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