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Has anyone used Maroo protective cover?


I have to carry my SP3 to school everyday and I don't want it to get scratched while it's in my bag or while I'm writing notes on it in class. So I decided to buy a protective cover.
I'm thinking of buying the Maroo protective cover (https://www.maroo.com/store/Cases/Surface-Cases/Obsidian-Black-for-Surface-Pro-3) and I was wondering if anyone has ever used this. If you have, would you mind sharing some feedback on how it is? Also, does it fold with the type cover connected to the device? This is kinda expensive compared to other ones sold on eBay but I like this one because it doesn't block the air from the fan


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I owned this. The build quality is outstanding. The only thing I did not like was how insulative it was. It covers the entire back of the SP3 so it gets really warm when I play games. I took it back to the store and decided to go without a cover. I know, I'm crazy.


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Before you buy a case, ask yourself this question: Do you really want to negate some of the Pro 3's greatest visual and practical design achievements by bulking it up and preventing use of the kickstand?

I asked myself this, and my answer was No - so I don't use a protective case, but do use a storage case.


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I also own this cover. Its good and very smart looking it certainly offers good protection. It does add a lot of weight to it. My other issue is if I have the keyboard attached when I am using it as a tablet the lock screen and rotation isn't always correct and doesn't always give me the ability to unlock the screen. I have to press the power button to get the lock screen working properly. I suspect the lock screen issue is one I have regardless of the case!
Have it as well - love it, but it does add a little bit of bulk, and it negates the kickstand (although it has its own kickstand that does a decent job). It folds closed with the keyboard, and also, I find, it makes for a much more manageable typing experience when you have the SP3 on your lap, as the keyboard rests on the bottom of the folio, kind of like a mini table - resulting in a much sturdier typing experience with the type cover doesn't jostle all over the place. That reason alone imo is well worth the trade off of the native SP3 kickstand.

I didn't know there were different colors available when I bought mine though - I would've got the red/black one. :p. Also, if you have a Microsoft store where you live, they sell these there, but for some reason keep them in the back and only display the cheaper cases up front. Might be a better option than ordering from Maroo, as you'll have 30 days to decide if you like it, or want to return it without any hassle.