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HD Video cable - drops video / audio


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I just bought the HD cable. It seems to drop as soon as I shift the position of the Surface. I doesn't seem as though the cables are loose anywhere. I've tried locking the screen orientation before plugging the cable in, but I still get the same results. I can start up the TV display and watch use the Surface for a few minutes and start watching a video, but as soon as I tilt the Surface or lay it down, the tablet will beep and I'll lose the video, audio or both. Anyone have similar problems?
Aw: HD Video cable - drops video / audio

Your problem seems to be the result of a faulty cable.
Just to make sure: Did you tested the connection with another tv? How long is your connection altogether? What sort of HDMI-cable dou you use?
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I've tried two HD TV's (both Panasonic) and three HDMI cables, all unmarked brands. All of the cables work with their usually connected DVR, Roku and TiVo devices. The cables are all 6 footers. I'll try returning the cable to the MS store, or go there and see if they can try my Surface with a setup in the store.
Just return the adapter and buy a microHDMI to HDMI cable instead. I'm using a cheapo-one for 5€, works perfect up to 1080p.
Please clarify "works". What are you connecting to. I was not able to get Netflix nor the Video app to work. Both complained the resolution was too low with my 720P monitor and 720P projector.
Aw: HD Video cable - drops video / audio

Yeah, I also did notice this weekend, that running a 720p-screen isn't going to work: The modern-ui needs at least a resolution of 1366x768 px to operate. With 720p you're just able to show the desktop and ... err ... run office or play-to.
In my case working means: no problems with a 1080p-tv.
Sry for these bad news.

Ps. I think, there was a post (somewhere at the internet)about changing some reg-entry to operate win8 with a lower resolution - maybe this could help.
Which is kind of strange --- I thought the 1366x768 was just to support the snap feature? Displaying one program at a time should still work? Does on my laptop with Win 8 Pro and 1280x800.