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iTunes video / audio out of sync


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I've been playing with my new SP3 i7 256GB for the past two weeks. It has some really great features, and I'm probably going to hold onto it. I've been learning a lot by reading the threads people have posted here; thanks to everyone posting!

I am transitioning from using an iPad to the SP3, and so I have lots of videos that I've bought on iTunes. I am used to renting movies on iTunes, and so last night I downloaded an HD movie. It was about 75% completed when we started watching it, and I noticed while I was watching the movie that the audio and video were progressively getting more and more out of sync. After about 15-20 minutes, it becomes really apparent that they are out of sync. I tried searching the forums and did not find anything - does anyone else experience this when using iTunes? Does anyone know whether or not this is common with using iTunes with SP3 or Windows 8.1?

I've tried lowering the default audio settings from 24-bit to 16-bit 44.1 kHz on the sound properties and matching these sound properties on the audio output jack to the playback settings on iTunes, but it still become out of sync. I tested it both with and without an external HDMI output to our TV.

1) Does anyone know what settings need to be changed and how to fix this with iTunes?
2) Is there a good program someone could suggest for watching movie files downloaded from iTunes (for ones that are not rented)? I downloaded the VLC app but when I navigate to the folder with the videos, nothing shows up. For renting videos, I could switch to using amazon.com if it works better for keeping the video and audio in sync.



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I have the same problem with the SP3 i7 500GB.
I have found if you pause the video and then play it sorts it out but the sync goes out after about 1 min. Its driving me metal. Seems to be a sound problem as theres lots of drop outs with the sound also


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Apple needs to update iTunes to take advantage of the updated syncing in Intel's GMA....