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HDMI not sending signal to ext. Dell multi-touch monitor on SRT


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Bought the fabulous new Dell S2240T 21inch multi touch and - what a disappointment. When the [original] Surface RT is connected via a Micro-to-HDMI cable there is no picture. The monitor seems to recognize the cable as soon as both ends are plugged in (otherwise, when unplugged completely, it says 'no cable') but there is no signal going into it and it goes to sleep soon with a blank screen. Tried: a different much more expensive cable, down-sizing the SRT resolution to minimum, various modes on the monitor, also a HDMI-to-DVI converter. Both the HDMI and DVI ports on the monitor are proven working, but out of ideas on the SRT side. Except this does not look like SW, but rather a HW issue. And no it never worked before, just trying for the first time. Can't believe I may not be able to put this otherwise fantastic device to an external monitor mode? Any direct experience much appreciated.