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My Experience with my (2) Dell s2340T touch screen monitors

I don't know if it matters but maybe monitor 2 upstream shouldn't be hooked to monitor 1 USB out. Possibly try having Surface USB to USB 3.0 hub then USB Hub to mon 1 upstream and USB hub to mon 2 upstream?

I honestly haven't heard of many people running dual touch monitor setups (lucky you :)) so I think you are a little in uncharted territory until it becomes more common.

The issue is I think with the USB cable being part of the touch functions. This appears to be an issue even on systems with multiple primary USB ports. I do believe a driver update could resolve this issue and allow for the touch information to be passed along the USB bus, regardless of how its chained out or where in the logic chain the monitor sits. I cant speak to the performance of such a setup, but for your sake OP, I hope they correct this issue. That post below is dated from Thanksgiving of last year though.!? :( Nice table those monitors are on too by the way... The tables my setup is on in my pictures are antique banquet tables from the late 1700's or early 1800's, we are not quite sure. One of the tops and both of the drop leaves are solid, single planks of cherry. It is rare to see that I am told.

Dells Product Forums has a post about this issue. The touch Screen has to be the Primary Display or the First Extended to support touch features. Going to look for the post now. Link to the below: Dell S2340T 23-inch Multi-Touch Monitor with LED : Computer Components | Dell

Setup - Disappointed PostedNovember 28, 2012
Yes, I would recommend this product
I am a bit disappointed because it seems -at least on my setup- that the touchscreen function works only when the monitor id defined as principal (I have a 3 monitors display).
Which annoys me because this display is not my main display (a dell 3007WFP), but is meant to reside just under my right hand, so I can pilot Windows 8 more efficiently.
Problem with my Catalyst drivers / Problem with the DELL monitor driver ? I do not know ...
The rest of the package is fine, very good built quality....(read more)
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So a few weeks ago I posted about deciding to get the Dell S2340T 23 inch touch screen monitor optimized for Win 8. I almost pulled the trigger on the MS store bc it was $50 off of Dells sale price. But a quick search on Ebay turned up one and I negotiated a price of $500. Set it up, great experience no issues with scaling etc., Well a few weeks into it on the top right hand corner behind the glass a thin rubber stripstarted to dislodge and come down from the bezel- see photo. YIKES I was going to make a claim thru Ebay but I decided to check with Dell to see if it was a warranty item but I wasn't sure if they would cover bc I bought it from Ebay..:cry: To my surprise after giving them the SN# and info they said they would send out a new one 1-2 business and I HAD to return the defective one to them within 10 days. So a few days later still did not have it- the rep who was fantastic( from you know where :smile:) called me everyday to give status. Keep in mind I could still use my old one but the strip was a little distracting. After about 4 days they said I would have the next day. So here it is my replacement. Brand new box, it was like xmas all over again, I opened it up looked it over, no problems, unplugged the old one, switched in the new one, fired it up, right where I left off, color seemed even better than the first.. Took the old one carefully wrapped it up put it back in the box, cords and all, taped it up and took the receipt off the front of the box bc that is where the return info was to be, To my surprise as I read the paperwork it said no need to return, :eek:mg:Did I READ this right, looked again, nope that is what it said, Than the phone rang, it was like clock work, the rep from Dell, She asked if it was delivered - yes I said, I than waited for here to instruct me how to return, She said "Great, thank you - I will now close out your ticket" :big smile:I hung up the phone a my first thought well I could sell it on Ebay for parts or to some one who wanted to open it to try to re attach the rubber strip. Than I thought it would be great to have both monitors set up with touch(i'll get to that in a bit) Took it out of the box and starring me in the face the DAM rubber thing. I decided to turn the monitor over and tap the top part of the bezel on my knee and sure as heck the rubber popped back into place. I ran to my parts draw and grabbed a usb-hdmi plug hooked up the monitor and now I have both working. Good news. Bad news is the rubber will work loose depending on how many times I tap the screen by then end of the day. So I will have to turn it over and tap it- No big deal for a brand new 10pt muti touch, NOW for a quick question: I have it set up where the monitor on the left is main screen and the monitor on the rt is extension of the desktop, works as it should not issues except the touch. The touch works great in the left monitor and on the rt monitor if I touch the screen it registers but on the left monitor. IS there anyway to get the touch to register in both screens or is the Pro not able to, Called Dell just to inquire said I wanted to buy another one and just wanted to know if this could be done- they did not know said they would give it to me at a discount- WOW they are just giving these away. But back to my issue, This is my set up, Pro display to hdmi in the first mon, pro usb to usb 3.0 up-something in the monitor to be able to use the usb's on the monitor, now from the mon 1 I have a usb-hdmi to the mon2 hdmi and the usb 3.0 on mon 1 to the usb 3.0 up something on mon 2. mouse works on mon 2 and on mon 1 , touch on mon 1 and touch registers on mon 2 but on mon 1 screen. :crazy:any thoughts. I still might just sell mon two,

My first Dell S2340T from the MS store shipped damaged in this way as well.


dell s2340t box damage.JPG

Dell S2340T screen dmg.jpeg

Second photo is actually the top right side of the screen taken to keep my ugly mug out of the reflection. :) I wonder if you got my refurbished unit?
I am experiencing the exact same issue. I have purchased two of these Dell S2340T monitors, hoping to connect them to my Surface Pro. And I have tried every possible combination I can think of using a mini-display port to HDMI adapter and/or USB hubs. No luck. The best I can get, is to set one of my Dell S2340T as my "main display" This allows me to use the touch gestures on that display and on my surface. Leaving the second Dell S2340T display without the touch capabilities. Which sucks, cause I paid extra for the touch and have to use it as a regular display. If anyone comes up with a solution, please let me know!!
I had the same problem. I have one ACER and one s2340T. simply go to tablet settings and go into the setup to configure touch and pen. Thanks to the internet for helping on this. :)
How about a little more details. You see this thread has an issue we would like to correct, so more details would be helpful. Are you saying you are able to get touch in both monitors???
Display 1: Acers T232HL attached to the mini display port to HDMI from Surface Pro and the USB is attached to Display 2
Display 2: Dell S2340T is attached to the USB adapter for the Surface Pro and is using the USB Display mode on the S2340T.

Getting Touch to work on both Screens, I had the same problem as everyone else. Only one touchscreen was working correctly. the second touchscreen would act as a mouse on the first. how to fix:

1. Go to start screen and start a search on "Tablet"
2. Under settings you will find "Tablet PC Settings"
3. In the Tablet PC Settings Click on Setup. (this is a button next to the text "Configure your pen and touch displays")
4. It then ask what type of screen do you want to identify. Choose "Touch"
5. It then takes you through the two displays and asks you to touch then and hit enter. this confirms that each is touchable. and you should be fine.

The only issue i have is it will not let me have three displays only two. the surface and the acer are mirrored and I cannot turn-off the surface display like i would with my laptop.
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Dang I just tried it but not working, I will try it again later. My set up SP usb and Display hdmi---> monitor 1 , Mon 1 usb ---> mon 2 usp up .... I tried dup display from SP and mon1 than extending DT to mon 2 as you mentioned but still only touch in mon1. when you look under display settings for mon2 it says touch not avail for this mon. Yikes I feel like I am close ....thx for the reply
So.... I made a mistake.....(Have now edited original Post to reflect below)
Surface Pro HDMI-goes to Display 1
Surface Pro USB - Goes to Display 2
Hook Display 1 USB to Display 2 USB
Then run the steps for the tablet activation.
Restarting windows when something does not work also helped out. :)
Then never move any of the cables. :) I am actually kidding. I have disconnected my surface pro a few times and the setting all come back automatically. I have had it flip main and secondary displays on me once and rebooted and it fixed it.

It did not work the other way around (as you found out). I also found that weird things happened with other USB peripherals... Like I had to move the Logitech receiver to Display 1 to have my Mouse work. Finally, I get an error when trying to use my digital cable card tuner in Windows Media Center. it tells me that the screen is not a secure screen. if you remember all HD channels have to be over HDMI, DVI or other connection standard that does not allow the insertion of a device that can make a digital copy. this is interesting because it worked fine with just one screen attached with HDMI. It is even more interesting because i can minimize the screen and bring it back up and it will work. for some reason a laptop screen is not considered secure and since Display 1 is a mirror of the Surface Pro Screen it goes into the secure media error loop. Again, even when i had a laptop I could make the external monitor work then drag the Media Center window to the Surface Pro Screen and it would work.
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