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hdmi out for SP2


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Hi guys sorry to bother yous , lol.
I'm stuck figuring out why my local best Buy doesn't carry hdmi cable adapter for the surface pro 2 only has it for rt models.
my questions is can I use the surface pro 1 hdmi out adapter on the Surface pro 2? And will it have audio?
and can I use other brands or get it elsewhere local?

thanks for reading and any reply would help out.


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Surface Pro 2 has mini-DisplayPort out, much like the Pro 1.
DisplayPort (and the mini variation of it), is backward compatible to HDMI, and single link DVI.

DisplayPort carries audio. So the question comes down, does your adapter keep the audio when it converts to HDMI? That I can't answer. Every adapter is different, but normally they do.


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Use any Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter. I got one on amazon for $8 with free shipping, works great. Also got an HDMI Maile to DVI Female adapter for $3 with free shipping on amazon so I can connect dvi monitors to it. All works great.


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I found a gigaware radioshack one, is that one okay? Or do I have to get a Microsoft brand, I just don't want to risk damage to the input. Sorry im just judging from game console, you know when u plug in third party control it messes up the input.

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