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Head Phone Connection Problem


Home->Sound->Manage sound system->Output Devices
This shows "Headphones" when phones are plugged in and it shows "Speaker" when phones are not plugged in.
In both cases sound is provided by the speakers. I would have expected to hear sound in my headphone but not from the speakers. There is no sound coming out from the headphones.
It appears the computer recognizes that the headphone connector senses the presence of the headphones but does not switch from speaker to headphones.
I purchased the surface pro 6 only three weeks ago and can still return it, but I want to know if there is some hardware or software problem that could be corrected by me.
As my time runs out, I would appreciate any early advise.


Your Surface is very likely fine. Some sound settings need to be checked.

Try this:
Thanks for the link. It might come in handy to solve general sound problems. My limited experience with modern type computers leads me to believe that my problem is more related to a mechanical switch failure, than a software related one . Plugging in a headphone should physically disconnect the speakers. I had my surface pro 6 only for 18 days, so the chances are good for trading it in for a new one. It might be a better way at this stage, than exploring software fixes.


This is a follow up to my previous post.
I brought the computer back to the store, where a technician installed an updated driver. This cured the problem. It would never have occured to me to do this. Good lesson to learn.


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Glad you got it sorted.

The troubleshooter would likely have solved this, also. Do you check Windows Update for software and firmware updates?


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I've just purchased a used Surface Pro 6 (i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Storage) which has the same problem. I've been able to get the headphones to work by disabling the speakers, but then if I wish to use the speakers, I have to go into the Sound Settings and enable the speakers again (which automatically disables the headphones). It's a pain in the bottom! It should be noted that THE TROUBLESHOOTER DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, nor does other solutions found elsewhere on the internet.

The closest Microsoft Store to me is 72 miles away over some terribly crowded, and frequently stopped or very slow highways (making the trip each way about 2 or more hours). I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE. (I live in a rural area on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area in Riverside County)

Can you tell me which driver to update and where to get it? Thanks.