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Surface Pro 3 Headphones/speakers problem


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I recently discovered an annoying audio problem with my surface. The sound coming out of the speakers works great! However, if I plug in headphones, it still comes out of the speakers. I've tried stopping the audio, then plugging in the headphones, but it still didn't work, even though it shows the headphones as the default device. I tried turning the audio for headphones up, as well as changing the speaker volume, and it did nothing.

I was finally able to get it working by completely closing the program I was using for audio and reopening it.

I also noticed that it works just fine (with plugging/unplugging headphones) when using Microsoft's media players, but not third party programs like vlc and audacity.

The secondary problem is that if I unplug headphones, no sound will come out of the speakers.

Please tell me there is a fix for this! Thank you!
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