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Heat issue with i7 processor


I've placed an order for the i7/512GB version of the SP3, and haven't had a Surface previously. I've been voraciously reading threads around here as I wait for my device.

I'm seeing a lot of comments about heat issues with the currently released SP3. Assuming that the i7 hardware is mostly identical except for upgrades to CPU, storage, and memory, will heat be even more of a potential issue with this processor?

I'm not going to be doing much gaming (and the bit that I do is of the Plans vs. Zombies variety), but I will be expecting to be able to run multiple applications at the same time and do a lot of context switching.

I realize no one can give a definitive answer to this, but I was wondering if someone more familiar with these processor specs than I am could speculate about how hot they run comparatively. (I've done a lot of Googling, but I'm not seeing a lot of apples to apples comparisons.)



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No 2 people are going to have the same configuration of there Surface and differences in the software and what is running will make a difference in the heat. In theory the i7 will run hotter but there are a significant number of people not having any real problem with the heat. I personally wouldn't be concerned. Reading the posts could make you think there are 2 different i5 systems out there, not the case.