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Hello All!

Hello to all;

I just got a Surface Pro and am running it through the paces.

This is a full-circle situation for me. My first smart phone was a Windows CE based IPaq. It funny to remember all those who claimed that it was too big for a phone - though considerably smaller than a Galaxy S3 today is.

Since the introduction of Android, I have exclusively used Android devices. I've had about a dozen tablets in the last few years, everything from the original Xoom, to Asus, to Galaxy Tab, and the Nexus. Of the Androids, I ended up back on the Xyboard, finding the Motorola the best of breed. But as much as I like the Xyboard, it still is lacking as a full functioning device.

My vision is an empowered workforce. I work in Aerospace manufacturing where very expensive materials, coupled with extremely precise quality standards (AS9100) dominate. My use of tablets is to place information in the hands of shop supervisors and leads, so that job information can be instantly retrieved. in addition, the ability of workers to charge labor to jobs and move materials between locations, and consume them on jobs is vital.

Android gets me closer to my goal, but not quite there. I deployed a Citrix server, which allows the Androids to interact with the corporate ERP. Still, this is a remote session, not native interaction. And while Android has a host of Office viewers for Excel, Word, etc. these often lack editing abilities or interact poorly with Office documents.

When the Surface was announced, it appeared to address all the deficiencies. Not the RT, but the Pro. So far, I've been very impressed with the Surface Pro. It is amazingly responsive and I have experienced zero compatibility issues. My only concern is the weight, it's a heavy little bugger. But it out runs most of the notebooks in the facility, so the trade off is worth it.

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Hey man welcome over!!!!! You will find a TON of current and ex Android users here, so you will be in good company :) Great to have you with us Uncensored2008, please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay here. Have fun!


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Congrats and welcome. You sound well informed are aware of the pros and cons of the different devices out there and are not just picking up the Surface blindly. I think you are in for a good ride :)