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Hello everyone, I just got a 64Gb Surface RT today, after few years of owning iPads and few Android tablets. I just wanted to try something new, and having a full office and a decent keyboard appealed to me.

In just 3 hours of playing with it, I think this is the most amazing/frustrating/innovative/limited/powerful tablet I've ever used, all at once :) My favorite thing is definitely the Metro UI, a great, fresh way that is so refreshing from the tired rows of icons. On the other hand the 3 main apps I use, Kindle, Pulse and Facebook, are either poor, or non-existent... Kindle's lack of 2-page landscape reading mode is especially annoying. Anyway, not trying to complain just yet! Getting used to the tablet and Metro is half the fun.

Chris from Texas


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I became bored with the limitations of my iPad. I knew as soon as MS announced the RT that I was going to purchase one. My wife got one too but she's not a tech fanatic like me. :D


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Welcome to the forum. Give it some time. The things it can do well no other tablet can do. The apps that are poor will come around. The upside potential is far greater than any other tablet on the shelves right now.