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Hello.....Does Anyone Know Where I Can Try Before I Buy (In the UK)?

Mark D

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Hi everyone. forgive the question if it has been covered before but several searches have turned up nothing so far.
I have been researching tablets for a few weeks now and the RT seems to meet my needs and overcome most of the concerns I have about the iPad and Nexus 10 rivals.
After much searching, and I mean SEARCHING, I realised that, unlike it's rivals, it has a full USB device library, expandable memory!!! ( via microSD) and Office as standard. The first two are killer features and I can't understand why Microsoft aren't pushing that in their ads. Their ads are all about image rather than substance.
I am reluctant to splash £500 out without trying one out or even seeing it in the flesh first.
As far as I can see, in the UK it is only available online and only from the Microsoft store. The lack of demo units in retail outlets is going to kill this stone dead if they're not careful.
On paper it's the most sensible tablet choice for me despite the current lack of apps. But if I can't try before I buy that's a big problem for something that costs as much as two half decent laptops.
I've watched several You tube comparison videos but they're rather superficial and frankly not much use for working out how a "touch interface" device feels and performs.
Anyone know if they are coming to a store near me soon?


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At the moment there's no chance, but there are rumors that it'll available at b&s stores in several (but undefined) countries before the end of this year. If you have time just wait, if not you can order and return it.


Where are you based?
I do spend a lot of time in Cambridge and London... so I would be happy to let you play with mine if you want.

Mark D

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Hi Gents. Thanks for the kind offers to try out your tablets but I have decided to bite the bullet and order one anyway. ( I Found the 64GB model new on ebay from a reputable local seller for £75 discount on the MS site price )
It should be in my sweaty little paws tomorrow. I just have to sell it to she who must be obeyed as a "Family Christmas present"......
I hope it lives up to my expectations........ actually right now , I just hope I live!


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I can confirm that they are now available in store at John Lewis. They had a demonstration model at the Exeter branch. They only offer the 32gb with touch cover at present, priced at a reasonable £470 iirc (pretty much inline with the MS Store).

Unfortunately you can't buy the Surface on its own, so if you fancy a coloured touch cover you'll need to pay extra and flog on the black version.