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Hello everyone. New SP3 owner


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hello team!
Wanted to say hi. New to the forum and new to the Surface. Bought a SP3 i3 128GB model for a great deal at Christmas time. So far, really liking it. Just barely scratching the surface of it's capabilities.

Some history: Been a long time WinXP user for many years. Then I bought a nice machine years ago and it came with Vista. Totally soured me on Windows. Not to mention I just couldn't find a Laptop that would last more than 5-6 hours without weighing a ton. Moved to Apple and have been an Apple customer since 2007. Now I'm not a typical Apple Fanboy by any means. I won't get all riled up over anything. I really don't have a deep seeded loyalty to one vs another and have no issues using both for their unique advantages.
I've bought one of the sticker boy ostrich skins and love it.
Really been impressed with Win 10 and MS build quality of this hardware is excellent.
I would consider a Windows Phone if there was a decent option forT-Mobile. Had a 1520 years ago on ATT and it was great and took amazing photos. Just had to switch to iPhone for iMessage to stay connected to pretty much anyone it seems.
Hoping a Suface phone comes out and it's stellar.
Anyway enough babbling. Great site and great folks here from what I can tell so far.