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Hello from a (nearly former) Mac user


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Hey all,

Just got a Surface Pro 3 i7/8/256.

I run my own business and work in the tech industry so my work device is my everything.
I've been a Mac user since pre-Intel days, when running a Mac really was different - I switched as I just got fed up with the whole Vista mess.

Anyway, I've been in the Apple eco-system for some time now, and I just thought I'd pop along here and share my thoughts and join in the fun.

So why did I switch? Well, this will be interesting for some - and not for others, so read on if you like!

I started to get a bit disillusioned with Apple for a number of (personal to me) reasons:

- No touch support in OSX
- Ditched Aperture after I'd invested heavily in it
- New Yosemite interface feels like a step backwards
- No integration of iOS and OSX at all or planned

And it has to be said that:

- I use OneDrive/Office 365 exclusively and it is best of breed
- I have an Xbox One and love it

I was looking for a new work device, and the surface attracted me as I've always loved OneNote but I think it's so much better with pen input. So took the plunge and I have to say it's outstripped my expectations at every step of the way.

Just thought I'd pop along and say hello - and if anyone is interested in anything specific wrt Surface vs MacBook in my experience/opinion then very happy to dish the dirt.


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I have the same model. Although I switched away from Apple when Windows XP came along, I wholeheartedly agree that the SP3 is fabulous!


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I also have an i7 SP3.

I'm a Mac guy and a PC guy, just like I'm a burger guy and a pizza guy. It is okay to be both.

So, congrats and welcome!


I went from having a mac a couple of years ago - which was my first mac because the media company I was working for switched from Dell/Windows to Mac/OSX.

Actually a few of our devs left because they were not happy at all about the switch to Apple.

Anyway, when we were doing the training, an Apple guy came in to retrain the whole company - in these sessions he was using overhead projectors with touch support for OSX and mentioned a couple of times that touch is where things would be going with Macs/OSX - and you can imagine the transition would be very smooth. I'm surprised nothing has been announced yet, but I doubt it will be long before the macbooks go touch screen, it's inevitable, just thinking about how fluid the apple OS is.

One thing I noticed about having a MacBook was just how good the hardware and trackpad was. The trackpad was super responsive, smooth and so easy to use. I fell in love with my mac.

The SP3 has a trackpad which is nowhere near as good as a MacBook for obvious reasons - it just isn't as responsive, is fiddly etc.

However Windows 8.1 I have found, is great - and the integration of touch is fantastic on my SP3, just swipe in from the right when typing and go to your internet settings for a quick change and then swipe to go back. It's very fluid.

I think the main thing you might miss is the fact the keyboard/trackpad isn't the best it could be - although it isn't bad per se.

I have lots of Windows 8 apps downloaded, but don't use any of them really, for a couple of reasons. The Windows 8 (RT?) version of an app I would use on Android/iOS feels slower and not as well optimised, e.g. Flipboard which loads very slowly, Tripadvisor, which I just don't like.

Some of the main apps I use for functionality on my phone are still not supported on Windows 8 - my mobile phone network provider, my bank, an official youtube app, an official Maps app which syncs across my devices, a decent email app which syncs properly etc. I'm sure Windows 8/RT will only grow and improve, but at the moment, it's not fantastic.

I went off an a tangent there.

My SP3 is brilliant though and don't really want to switch to MacBook again until they release something similar to the SP3 (iPad Pro?), which I am guessing will be ridiculously overpriced.
Welcome to the forum, I too was solely a windows guy, then solely a mac guy, now back to windows ever since I laid hands on the Surface pro 2. The surface pro 3 has served and will continue to serve me well and I'm sure it'll be the same for you. One thing I'm sure you'll notice here is we do not bash on things Apple. Enjoy your stay as I have!


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Welcome! I still continue to use both Mac (on retina MBP) and Windows (SP3) and think it depends on what you do. Each has its own pros and cons for experienced to new user, to graphics and development, each person is different and what they can afford. At the moment, I would have to say Windows 10 on a SP3 is very promising!


I was also an avid Mac guy. Tried an SP2 and have barely touched my 17" MacBook Pro since. The SP3 is even better. Apple used to be innovators, breaking trends and creating interesting new products. This no longer appears to be the case. All of their new releases offer modest improvements aimed at trying to keep up with the competition rather than obliterating it. Surprisingly, Microsoft seems to be the hardware innovator. The Surface series and more recently the Band are obvious examples.


I'm a Apple guy also, eve a Manager of Authorized Apple Store in Cruise ships.
But the Surface Pro 3 is amazing, and now I'm using it much more than my macs.... hahahahahaa
And for 2 years now I'm using Windows Phone also.

I still like a lot Apple.... but i'm in love with SP3, the touch, Pen+ OneNote etc.....


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Hey guys

Thanks for the great welcome! Great to see lots of other Mac/Windows users.

I would agree that Microsoft seem to be doing some of the innovating at the moment - Windows 10 does look like it could be a real leap forward.

I also wondered if Apple would make the iPad Pro OSX and iOS but it doesn't seem like it from the rumours.

If MS get Win 10 right and truly portable across all platform sizes then I think Apple would really have a problem on their hands.

Don't get me wrong, I love the MacBook hardware - and the trackpad is awesome, but I can use my SP3 in the same way I used my iPad, but with pen input... and in the same way I used my MacBook Pro... and for me, the compelling case for the SP3 is tied up in those use case scenarios. Not convinced about Windows phone yet.. but maybe with Win 10 that may change.


Of all the reasons to consider leaving my Mac, The last thing I would cite would be a lack iOS / OS X integration. As somebody that has left the iPhone (love my LG G3) and uses my SP3 more and more, I miss the mobile OS/Desktop OS integration that Apple has.