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New Surface Pro 3 user coming from MAC


Hi I've been and still am a Mac user for years, I own a Macbook Pro Retina, iPad, iPod and iPhone, and even though I love those products, and I really prefer OSX over to Windows, but I completely love the Surface hardware. That is why when the first Surface came out, I bought it, but my expierence wasn't good enough, battery life sucked, I couldn't use it on my lap and I never got used to Windows. That is why I sold my first Surface just after a few months.

Even my first expierence with this product wasn't good, I decided to buy a Surface Pro 3 just a few days ago, this because, I think many of my issues with the first one have been solved, and I really hope this machine can replace my iPad and also my Macbook, that is why I bought the i7 model. I would really love this because it is really light and thin and I can carry it with me to my University, and one of the features I love the most is the Surface pen which allows me to take notes on it.

After a few days I can say I have completely loved the SP3, the new kickstand is great and I can always use it on my lap (except when using shorts haha), which for me is key feature to be an actual laptop replacement. Taking notes on it is perfect and the computer runs flawlessly.
My only problem until now is tha being an iCloud user I have not been able to sync my calendar with the Calendar Metro app and the same with my contacts on my People Metro app. This has not been such a big deal as I have it synced with outlook but I found it really strange that I can't do it on the Metro apps, if anyone could help me with this it would be great.

Finally I think I am slowly adapting myself to my Windows ecosystem, even if I still prefer OSX mainly because I find it really confusing this division of the Metro and Desktop interface, especially the fact that apps have both versions, but other than that it has been a good expierence and really hope it will stay as my all in one machine.

If anyone could help me with a good Surface or Windows guide or tips for making the transition easier that would be great, also if anyone knows how to solve my iCloud problems.

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.


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Welcome, @nalbagli

I am a Mac guy and a PC guy. I am a pizza guy, and hamburger guy, and a curry guy. It is okay to be "wide bandwidth".
So congratulations on your purchase. We welcome your thoughts and experience here.


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You can download something called iCloud Dashboard or iCloud "something" because I used it when transitioning from my Macs to the SP3. It will allow excellent syncing between your devices.

However, syncing with MUI apps may work or not. I don't know what it is with MUI vs. desktop stuff but sometimes what they won't do will drive you nuts. Even Outlook sometimes is a royal pain. One would think MS stuff would sync between them but sometimes it simply defies logic as to why they won't.

I'm using eM Client instead of Outlook because it simply syncs better than Outlook ever did, especially with my Android phone. But I use the MUI Mail app and like it very much. People app, not so much. Syncing can be an issue with it, and it's always lacked some functionality in my opinion.

Anyway, glad you like your SP3. Enjoy.


Thanks for all the answers, using the SP3 has been great until now, I haven't touched my Macbook or iPad. My only big problem as Telstar said has been the Syncing in the metro UI apps. Followed the steps on microsoft site, and downloaded iCloud, and I have my Mail, Contacts and Calendar on Outlook, but I simply haven't been able to make it work with metro apps other than Mail