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Hello from Bonnie Scotland


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Just joined, and wondering why I didn't discover these forums ages ago

I'm Tom, a freelance Microsoft Trainer and Consultant from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
I've been a tablet user for many years - most recently (pre Surface) with a Motion LE1700 and Windows 7

I got a Surface Pro 2 (256Gb) nearly a year ago and was very impressed, especially since my old Cross Tablet Pen worked with it, but found the display format cramped my style rather too much, so I have just purchased a shiny new SP3 (i5/256Gb/8Gb) which I am loving!

Looking forward to being part of the community here, and hope to contribute answers as well as asking questions!


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Welcome to the community....from one long time Microsoft Trainer/Consultant to another :)


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Glad to have you around, Tom. Congrats on your Surface Pro 3 upgrade. Thanks for being willing to share and discuss your experience.

This is a well-lit, safe place to do so.