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Hello - New SP4 Owner


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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a new Surface Pro 4, mainly for school but also for personal use. So far I love this device and just want to learn as much as possible. I also plan to utilize the device for work as the SP4 has so many tools to use that will benefit both school and professional.

I am hoping to get ideas for apps, tools and programs to use for the SP4; currently I am looking for the best ereader app to use that will make reading textbooks easy and include note taking and highlighting.

Nice to meet everyone!



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Welcome to the forum, @bbradley42 . We're here to help. Be sure to browse through the sticky notes at the top of our Surface Pro 4 Forum for some handy tips.

Regarding your ereader question: Chegg is very popular, and some students like to use OneNote as an accessory to other ereaders, which do not have comprehensive note-taking. OneNote has lots of features, so you might want to force yourself to discover them all before making a decision.

Congrats for adopting a fine machine.


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Thank you for the welcome and I appreciate the advise. You confirmed some of the research I did; Chegg seemed to come up quite a bit when researching textbook ereaders. Also, since I have had my SP4 I have been spending a lot of my time getting to know OneNote; love this program!

Thanks again!