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Hello from Catalonia!


Hi everyone! I am about to buy a Surface Pro 2 (128gb model), so here I am! I’d like to learn as much as I can about this device and I think this forum can be a great help.

Until yesterday, I was really determined to buy the Surface Pro 2, but I discovered some drawbacks which are making me hesitate a little bit.
The first drawback is that I read on a website that there is no repair service from Microsoft. They said that if you shatter your screen, they will not replace it, they will offer you a new Surface Pro for 450$.
Is that true? I can accept that with a shattered screen (I’ve never broken any electronic device, not even a cell phone, so I’m not really worried about that) but what happens when the battery life is over? Will I have to pay 450$ in two or three years so that Microsoft gives me a new unit? In that case, the unit they send you is a new one or a used one?

The last drawback are those Wifi-Bluetooth issues I’ve heard some people are experiencing since they updated to Windows 8.1.
Last Christmas I purchased another W8 tablet (Acer Iconia W700) and I had some wifi trouble (and many more people were experiencing this trouble as well) so I decided to ship it back and get my money refunded. The problem was that when the signal strength of the wifi was below 50%, download speed dropped to 0,1 mbps, so I only could use the device in front of the router, where the speed was pretty normal.
I’m worried to experience the same problem with de Surface Pro. I thought this was just a problem related to Acer, but now I can see this is a general problem of Windows 8 and some drivers..

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