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So, after spending the last 12 months between android and iOS, I have finally took the plunge and purchased a 128gb Surface Pro.

All I can say is, this device is unbelievable....the iPad feels so limited in comparison. Loving W8 with touch...it feels perfect on this tablet

This is actually my 2nd pro in as many weeks....my first kept BSOD'ing, which I initially put down to software or a corrupted driver, however I bought another Pro and compared them side by side and now know that this is a hardware fault...

....for anyone out there experiencing problems, you may not realise it's hardware related, but if you keep getting BSOD's when awaking from sleep, or feel like something isn't quite right, then I would point it towards the Marvell Avastar 350n wireless adaptor.

I isolated it to this component by watching my download speed via Newsgroups. I use Giganews and their Mimo software, but I am sure this will work with any other newsreader. Basically on my 1st Pro, my download speed kept fluctuating wildly during a download. I normally download at around 60Mb wirelessly and this is consistent, but on my first Surface tablet the speed was changing rapidly in the range of 1Mb to 60mb. On my 2nd Surface Pro, this does not happen and my speed is a consistent 60mb.

Just for note, the drivers are the same and are definitely not corrupted...I have run several custom installs too on the first Surface Pro but the problem persists. This one will be going back to MS.

If anyone has any issues with their Pro, please check the manufacturing week on the box. My first Pro (faulty) was '1315' and the 2nd Pro is '1314' (no problems).

Hope this helps somebody...there is definitely a bad batch out there.

Manchester, UK
Welcome to the forum! Nice info you posted. I wonder if the forum search will be helpful enough for others to find your post...