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Hello, I'm New Here


Hi, I'm new here. I just recently registered for this forum.

I'm an art student, I'm currently using Windows 7 on my desktop, and I do a lot of digital painting on my Wacom Cintiq. I have never used Windows 8 before besides checking them out in stores, where they don't have any art programs I need. But I've been considering getting a Surface Pro 2, or any other Windows 8 tablet with pressure-sensitive stylus, if they are as good for me as I hope they are.

Are there any other graphic artists who have had a lot of experience painting with Photoshop on a Surface Pro 2 or any Windows 8 tablet? How's the pressure-sensitive pen? I hear that some people have trouble with the drivers and calibration. Does Photoshop lag or work slowly on a tablet?

Well, anyways, hi everybody!
Well welcome to the forum!
Sorry I can't help you with the art questions, but hopefully someone will shortly.
There are dozens of videos on Youtube demonstrating Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 running various graphics editing programs you can check out.
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There aren't any "real" problems with drivers. The only thing is out the box, it doesn't have pressure sensitivity for some major programs. Simple and easy solution is to go straight to waocom site and download their latest feel it driver. Then bam, now pressure sensitivity works. Plus for me, the latest one improves accuracy greatly also. Then the waocom driver also gives you a mew pen control panel. Which lets you adjust the pen behavior and click button on it.

Like other poster said, there are tons of artists with videos using pro and love it. They are using Photoshop, art rage, Manga, etc...theres even a dc comic artist that uses a pro for his work that gets published.
Hi OP,

I am an industrial designer who has been using a cintiq for almost 10 years now. I bought the SP in order to have a comparable experience when I'm on the go. I can tell you that I am in love with this device. I really can get some work done on it. I use PS and SketchBook Pro. Both programs work great after downloading the wacom drivers as mentioned above. I really like SBP because it allows you to use your fingers and pinch to zoom. Just makes the experience seamless. I will tell you that going from a 21 inch monitor to a 10 inch monitor has it's limitations. You may want to consider the cintiq companion if you can part with the coin (2000-2500usd). I don't think the surface will disappoint.

Seems others have this question answered already. The only thing ill add is that you'll want to use one of the pens you use with your Cintiq rather than the surface pen. While its ok for navigating and writing, its not up to much when drawing. Also, while it has the advantage of attaching to the side of the machine via to the magnetic connector, this is also the connector that the machine charges through. As such it could be easy to misplace the pen provided while the machine is plugged in to a power source. I use a Wacom Bamboo Feel that I leave attached to my type cover by a leuchtturm1917 pen loop.