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Calibrate the pen-input with Wacom.


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Hello dear community,

like quite a lot of people before me, I also have the issue of un-accuray on my Surface Pro 2 and its pen.
There is apperently this solution: Proper Calibration Approach for Screen
but it's said only to work with the standard windows drivers. The Wacom drivers which I require to use pressure sensitive in art programs overwrite this type of calbration and Wacom's calibration tech is even worse than the original windows one ><

Has anyone found a reliable solution?

Lot of thanks in advance! :)
Greetings, DragonGamer


Unfortunately there is not much more advice than what has already been posted on the boards here regarding the calibration. General consensus seems to be that the windows calibration tool results in the best calibration overall so far, but has to be done multiple times for it to actually apply. There is supposedly a Wacom fix in development for the edges of the screen, but I have not been able to find a definitive timeline on its release.

Hopefully something will come about for this soon.


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So the 273-point calibration works even on wacom - for time to time? o: xD
Lol, guess I'll plan some hours for calibrating this weekend.. :D

For me it's not really the corners. They have issues too, but not too worse. But it's just quite annoying that on the left third of the screen the point is ~1.5mm off to the right and on the right third it's the same amount off to the left... 4 points are just far too little to calibrate a device which has high-frequency chips just below the wacom layer.. what did they think? ><