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HELP! Can't boot my Surface Pro....seeking some help


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I can't get past the "Surface" Logo when I boot my Surface Pro.

When the logo disappears, the screen "flickers" black/grey as it is trying to search for the correct screen resolution or something.

The last thing I used the Surface was when I was doing a presentation at work and hooked it up to a projector.

Does anyone know if there is a shortcut or boot command (like F8, which doesn't work) to allow me to see the screen to fix this?

THANKS... i can't find anything online, and need to fix this asap!


Staff member
Boot up holding the Volume Rocker Up for 15 seconds, takes you to the UEFI Screen, exit and reboot and see if that resets it.


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I got further by holding the rocker down while rebooting... and was able to get into safe mode and view Windows again, but still trying to figure why it goes to the black flickering screen when I boot normally.... it's doing a restore point right now....we will see