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help me install office!


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my IT manager at work (1200mi away) gave me a product key for Office 2013. when I click on the icon on my Surface Pro 2 for MS office it give three options, Buy it, Activate it, Try it....of course i select Activate It, and it then prompts me to enter a prodcut key. which i then enter what my IT manager gave me. When I do this, it give me the following message, "This product key is for teh volume-licenced version of Microsoft Office Standard 2013, which isn't currently installed. To use this product key, contract your administrator."

I assume I need to install Office 2013 standard before I can use this key, correct? If thats correct, whats the easiest way to install it?


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No you need a copy of the Volume License Version of Office 2013 Professional Plus, the version installed on the Pro 2 is Office 2013 Click to Run (Office365, Academic, Retail Keys will work). Your company will need to get you the ISO or burn and send you a DVD. Other options is you could download the ISO if you have access to your company's Volume License Benefit Website or if you have a MSDN Subscription.