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Help on saving photos only on device?


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I recently bought at Suface Book 2, so It has been several years since I’ve used windows.
I would like to save my photos ONLY on my device- however it continuously saves them to OneDrive. I changed the setting to ‘save only on device’, however, as my storage has become full on OneNote, when I go to delete photos from OneNote it deletes them from Photos as well.
I imagine I’m being stupid and missing something obvious, such as simply re downloading all the photos, however any advice on how I can keep OneDrive clear of photos and have all my photos safely saved just on the device would be great.
Tanks in advance.

Wayne Orwig

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Do you mean the storage on OneDrive is becoming full?
Are you talking about photos that you are taking with the Book?

You can tell OneDrive not to sync photos.
You can tell the camera app to store photos on a memory card.


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I have had this issue as well. I found that by default - OneDrive automatically takes over your "Pictures" folder as it assumes most people will want to save their Photos automatically.

You might want to check to see if your OneDrive Application is set to "Automatically Save" photos and videos and if so, perhaps un-check that box.


Check on the "Protect your important folers" and click on the "Update Folders" There you will see 2-3 items checked to automatically update / save. You can direct OneDrive to no longer do this automatically for you. Hope this helps - If time permits - let us know how it works out for you