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Help - Right-click with new pen


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Just got a Surface book. Paired it w/ the pen model (2017) and I noticed that the right click using the side, button doesn't work.
It does show a full circle when you press it, like the one that appears when you long press for a right click, but nothing happens.
Any ideas?
Also how can you configure it to assign a different Click for the button? like if I want to use it as middle mouse Click instead?


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Hi, @thhm. Welcome to the forum.

You should go to Settings, Pen & Windows Ink. There you will find options for the pen.

I have the Surface Pen with no clip. You may have a different pen. Refer here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4036281/surface-how-to-use-your-surface-pen

On my settings screen (see screenshot), the main pen button (on the butt end) can be configured to do different functions, depending upon whether you click one, twice, or long-click.

Right-click with Side Button
Obviously, to left-click with the pen, you tap the screen. But to right-click with the pen side button, you press the button, then tap the screen.

Just like the pen left-click cannot be altered, the right-click function is not normally programmable.

Give this a try and let us know.