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Middle Click on Pen?


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I am a new surface pro user. I primarily bought the pro so that I could install programs I use in the architectural industry, such as revit, sketch up, and adobe cs. Everything runs well on the surface, the only problem I have now is that I need to set the button on the pen to be middle click, not right click. Anyone who has worked with 3D programs knows how important the middle click is for panning and orbiting around the model. I have been using a wacom tablet at work for years and really like using a pen vs a mouse, I don't want to buy a Bluetooth mouse just to get a middle click.

Has anyone found a way to set a middle click?



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Hopefully if the application you are using is powerful enough, you can add whatever functions you were doing with middle-click to your right-click menus?

I don't believe there is a middle click option per se. Since the mouse has only one button it would be challenging to have it do middle and right click.
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For some complicated software like 3D stuff, you need to press middle click while pressing another key like ALT and drag the stylus to navigate ( you can do that with any pen tablet or pen display ). That's something you can't and won't be able to do with your SP3 until they release configurable drivers.