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Hi from Cali/apple land

Michael Lynch

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Hello all i am a student that has been fed up with how useless his 2008 macbook (not pro) is in engineering classes. I made the nice jump to an i7 surface pro 3 and have a few gripes i was hoping you guys could help. I and new to windows 8 but have a 7 running desktop and an android phone.

So the touch keyboard jumps in my face anytime i touch a place to type even when the typecover is attached, this is really annoying and i figure i cannot be the only one. The way i use my surface i tend to not use the mouse and just touch most things, however i type on the typecover.

I am trying to use the windows music applications and when i download a song how to i get it to automatically categorize it into the my music folder? I really don't want to download itunes as from my experience it kinda runs like crap on pcs but i dont want to have to manually add music to the folder and add the artist outer folders aswell.

Last gripe, I am a major google use, and chrome really runs like crap on this machine, from my understanding it is true of all windows 8 machines. Im not against moving to explorer but i would like to be able to sync my google account with it, (bookmarks, extensions etc) anyone have a solution to this?


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Hi Michael, welcome!

I suggest you re-post your questions in the Surface Pro 3 forum. A lot more folks will probably see them. Post each question as it's own thread.

Glad to have you on the forum.


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Welcome aboard...the only thing I have to offer is for the bookmarks - X Marks has a nice sync app that syncs between IE and Google...

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