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Hi from Australia


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My name is John and I live in the country city of Orange, in NSW Australia,
I am thinking seriously of buying the new Surface and I joined this forum to get some feedback from others.
It will be my first tablet and before I found the Surface was seriously considering the brand new Sony Tablet Experia S which does also appeal to me.
One of the main uses I will have will be to store documents I receive from emails, and also that I scan/copy for my attendance at meetings, so that I will not have to print them. For this reason Windows appeals to me as I hope it would cut down my "learning curve" and make things somewhat easier, especially for transfer and copying of files.
I also hope for a good Calender. Not all that interested in millions of Apps but would like some games, ebooks and classical music etc so that I can keep up with grandchildren.
I am an older guy and know a bit about windows but my Android smart phone bugs me and while my son wants me to go Apple, I want to keep it easy.
Should I 'hold off' for the bugs to be fixed or 'hop right in'?
Any advice?
Hi, welcome. That is a good question and sort of a personal one. An iPad or Android tablet will also easily do what you are asking because of the apps available for those tasks (store docs, email, copy and transfer files and light gaming). Both are easy to use and arguably easier to use than the new Windows 8/Window RT which actually has a steeper initial learning curve (mainly because it hasn't been out for people to get use to it).

There are definitely early bugs to be worked out for Surface and Windows RT in general. If you don't mind things getting better as you go and having some growing pains then all are going to be equally good choices. If you just want simplicity and ease of use Apple and Android are going to have you covered. If you want a tablet that can replicate a laptop at times and features the ability to run multiple windows, detailed file management and Microsoft Office then Surface RT is the only choice.

Given the details you provided it is just a matter of personal preference and a bang for the buck choice with any of them.

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Thank you for your comments and advice JP.
I have now ordered one with the touch cover. No mention of how long I will have to wait for delivery.
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