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New Surface 3 guy


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Hi Everyone:

Happy to have joined the cult here. I have been an android phone/tablet user and have not really had a need for a laptop. I now have one ( or think I do-justifying the purchase) and decided on a surface. LOVE this machine. I am about 4 years removed from windows with the exception of using a machine at work so its all new. I'm enjoying the 8.1 touch screen desktop. I did download the startdock program which I saw via a youtube video.

Basically, I am going to enjoy reading these threads and am open to any must have apps.

My biggest gripe so far? Missing a true G+ app and the sports apps on the store are totally atrocious but I can see myself using the web anyways.



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Welcome, Matt.

I just wanted to say that.

Seriously, glad you're contributing to the experience base here. By the way, Windows 10 is coming, so you might want to check out this forum, or the Web for how that will work. Apps will all get kick in the pants to play nicely with the desktop. You might even quit using Stardock. I'm just saying.

Here's a good forum to check out, if you're interested. Jump right to the latest build by using a link on the first post. Or just go to the last page (over a hundred) and read backwards until it scares/bores you to death.

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3