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Hi from Canada


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After four months of procrastination (and frustration from lack of stock) I finally clicked the "confirm purchase" button on the MS store and purchased the 8GB ram, 256GB SSD SP2 model. Of course, they're out of stock on the black type cover.

Anyway, the Surface is on route, so my dumb questions haven't been formed yet. But I'm sure they're coming.

I'm self-employed as an architectural technologist, so this is the perfect machine for me. My laptop is pushing five years old and is far to slow, missing keys, etc. This will be great for me to sketch on top of PDF drawings, make notes during meetings, and even do some freehand sketching for ideas. I plan on becoming a OneNote expert!

Am very curious to see how my BIM/CAD software will perform. It's not critical to me as my main workhorse is a desktop, but being able to do minor revisions and start layout, etc. while traveling will be nice. I also have to make quite a few presentations, so this should be great. An architect colleague of mine has the SP1 and I just about drooled over it watching him make drawing mark-ups with the digitizer pen.

I'm excited....can't wait for it to show up.

Just one question: what's with the colour choices on for the keyboards? It's really no surprise the black cover is out of stock.


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Welcome to the forum

You'll probably need to ask MS about the color choices and availability. Nobody else will have much of a clue.


Hello and welcome. Always nice to see a fellow Canuck on here.

I've had my SP2 256/8 for about three months and it works like a dream. I've had no issues with firmware, hardware or software. My main software usage are Matlab, Stata and other modeling programs. They are CPU intensive and tend to drain my battery quickly, about 5 to maybe 6 hours of continual use on balanced power mode, as opposed to other software packages like office which can give me up to 8 hours of continual use. If you are going to do a lot of work on PDF or CAD programs I would suggest you look at the power cover keyboard. It's $70 or so more but it will extend your battery life significantly. Save yourself from the redundancy of switching to the power cover later.